ZKZ was founded in 1863 by German settler Abraham Kopp at Verkhnyaya Khortytsya. The small workshop produced agricultural tools. With the expansion of production - reapers, plows, winnowing machines and other machines.


In 1874 J. Kop opened his own foundry. In 1877, a steam engine was installed in production and 32 threshing machines were produced.


After nationalization A. Kopp company was named State Plant No 4 and the plant was named F. Engels.


The plant began to manufacture new products: spare parts for tractors, various cutting and measuring tools, defense products.


The Second World War 1939-1945. The plant was evacuated to the Gorky city at the "Krasnaya Etna" plant.


It was begin restoration of plant, which was completely destroyed during fascist German occupation.


Engels plant produced commodities of national consumption: cups, pans, kerosene lamps while it was administered by the local industry until 1957.


State Planning Committee of the former Soviet Union decides to organize on Engels Zaporozhye plant producing of winding wires for power transformers. Along with the reconstruction of the company ZKZ begins production of household autotransformers and reducing transformers of different types.


The company was renamed into F. Engels "Zaporozhkabel" plant.


The production of non-insulated conductors for overhead transmission lines was mastered at Zaporozhkabel.


It was developed a new type of product - cable fitting. The radical restructuring of the production and construction of new workshops was required for its release.


Zaporozhkabel starts manufacture of special transposed conductors for superpower transformers for the first time in the country.


The company has become a part of the production association "Zaporozhtransformator". Production standards and qualifications of employees grew, working conditions improved along with the development of plant.


A new page in history of the plant. It was transformed into an Open Joint-Stock Company "Zaporozhye cable plant".


Staff of OJSC "ZKZ" mastered production of new products: non-insulated conductors A and AC with large cross sections, enamel conductors and glass fiber insulation conductors.


A new division department for manufacture of winding conductors was opened at ZKZ. It was equipped by enamel outfit and facilities for manufacture of paper insulated conductors, subdivided and transposed conductors.


Two stranding machines such as ?VILA? (Spain) and ?BRANDELL? (Belgium) were purchased and put into operation. The new equipment has allowed set up manufacture of МГ, МГЭ, ПБОТ conductors and non-insulated conductors up to 500 mm2


It was mastered the production of MФ conductors for electric catenary, copper non-insulated M conductors.


ICME ITALIA IMPIANTI enamel outfit and transposing machine CTC-48 were put into operation. Embedded equipment allowed to start production of transposed conductors with gluing enameled wires with the number of elementary conductors up to 47.


Open Joint Stock Company "Zaporozhye cable plant" becomes Public Joint Stock Company "Zaporozhye cable plant".


The international certification authority has confirmed conformity of functioning management system to international standards such as ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Professional Safety.


The new transposing machine CTC-60 was purchased and put into operation. Embedded equipment allowed to start production of transposed conductors with gluing enameled wires with the number of elementary conductors up to 59.


The manufacture of copper transposed conductors with incomplete paper insulation was mastered at ZKZ.


PJSC "ZKZ" continues to purchase new equipment. Since the beginning of the year we put into operation a new stranding machine ?OM LESMO? (Italy) allowing to increase the production of non-insulated conductors of large cross-section up to 500-700 tons per month.


ZKZ has mastered the technology of manufacture of copper winding conductors with enamel fiberglass insulation and insulation made of synthetic insulating materials fiberglass coated.


PJSC "Zaporozhye cable plant" has started manufacture of new compact non-insulated conductors for overhead transmission lines ACт and ACz. Design and manufacturing technology of compact conductors were developed by technical experts of ZKZ.


Public Joint Stock Company "Zaporozhye cable plant" becomes Private Joint Stock Company "Zaporozhye cable plant".


ZKZ PrJSC in cooperation with  ACC LLC has mastered the production of self-supporting insulated wires.